Statement on Hepatitis A and Local Food Handler

Current Montgomery County case facts

With heightened awareness of the six confirmed Hepatitis A cases, the Montgomery County Health Department is providing important additional information to ensure the public has the most current facts. One of the confirmed cases was a food handler who worked at the McDonald’s located with the Pilot at 3060 Owingsville Road. The restaurant was inspected immediately after the report was received and was found to be following all safe food handling precautions including wearing gloves when preparing food. By the time that case was reported and confirmed, the time period for others to show symptoms had already passed and no other cases were reported tied to this food handler or this location. The Center for Disease Control and Kentucky Department for Public Health recommend that if any food handler ever becomes ill and patrons would benefit from post exposure treatment the public would be notified immediately. In this case, it was determined that there was no threat to the general public from this location.

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